We aim to provide a full and balanced curriculum both in school and during periods of remote learning.  Students may also have specific pieces of learning linked to their EHCP targets.


Our staff make regular safe and well calls to check on progress of learning as well as monitoring engagement in social video calls and work uploaded to the Evidence for Learning portal.  Marking and assessment takes place in a similar way to how it would at school.


If your child is learning remotely your class teacher would have shared a timetable via Class Dojo in order to maintain good routines.


All of our remote learning lessons are uploaded to our Evidence for Learning portal.  The office will be able to send the personalised link and password reset in order for parents and carers to access.  Click the picture below and you can see instructions as to how to get logged on.

Take a look at the following link with a video tour for step by step instructions as to how to access the portal:


Evidence for Learning Step by Step Login


We want to support engagement in remote learning as much as possible.  If you are unable to access technology please contact us and we will see how we can support you.  We have an allocation of Department for Education issued laptops available for issue if you are struggling to get access to the portal.  If you are experiencing any difficulties please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Please see our remote learning policy and strategy by clicking this link.


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