We have two groups within Key Stage 4 at Highfield.

H1 is taught by Tilly (who is also a Department Leader) with Emma T as Level 3 Teaching Assistant. The class is supported by a good level of teaching assistants.

H2 is taught by Cheryl with Lisa as Level 3 Teaching Assistant. The class is supported by a good level of teaching assistants.

Students have an appropriately differentiated Key Stage 4 curriculum with work experience opportunities and life skills activities.  They follow the yellow pathway curriculum currently.  Work Experience and accredited qualifications begin in Year 10 and 11 after students are prepared for the world of work through a variety of life skills and practical learning activities.  Accredited study takes place using the ASDAN framework.  Recognition of the learning of knowledge and skills is also recognised within the AQA Unit Award framework.

Topics will mainly follow programme of study created and accredited by ASDAN and AQA Unit Awards, these are curriculum development and awarding organisations who provide flexible and engaging programmes and qualifications that help young people develop skills for learning, work and life.

ASDAN Short Courses:

These courses are flexible, portfolio based programmes designed to accredit up to 60 hours of activity and skills development across a range of topics and curriculum areas.  Because they are multi-level, the focus is on completing challenges and skills development according to individual ability rather than attainment at a specific level.

ASDAN Personal and Social Development (PSD):

This course offers imaginative ways of supporting young people to become confident individuals whoa re physically, socially and emotionally healthy.  It promotes making a positive contribution to society whilst managing risk together with own wellbeing.  At entry 1-3; 6 credits are required for an Award, and 13 credits for a Certificate.  At levels 1-2; 8 credits are required for an Award and 13 for a Certificate.  

AQA Unit Award Scheme

The Unit Award scheme is a unique way to record learner knowledge and achievement.  Its 'can do' approach boosts confidence, engagement and motivation to learn.

Entry Level & Functional Skills

Students who are able to access entry level and functional skills qualifications have the opportunity to study English and Maths.

To prepare our students for the next step we have a Moving On and Careers offer for students in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 (Upper School).  This link will take you to more information.